While watching a PBS broadcast about heart disease, the doctor was asked why physicians are so reluctant to give proper medication to Blacks. His answer was is that they eat a lot of meat and fat and do not follow up with a good diet. Therefore it wouldn't help if he gave them medication.

I was shocked and surprised that PBS would air such a show. Eventhough most Blacks come from a heavy meat-eating, bread-eating family, if told that their life depended on their making a change, some, not all would make a change.

Most people carry around the idea that if stricken with the disease, that they'll go the doctor and he will make themwell. The truth is that hardly anyone is made well or cured for they continue to do the same things that made them sick in the first place. And the disease is allowed to spread andcause other complications such as kidney, heart disease, etc.

Some people believe that diabetes is an incurable disease. It is not incurable! Diabetes can be cured if one changes his diet and is given two drugs. This according to the American Medical Association. The drugs I speak of are called Avandia and the other Glucophage.

But if one doesn't know what is the correct diet, and begin to follow the diet they have been given by the nutritionist who tells them they can eat bread, and must eat starchy foods, they will eventually end up on the dialysis machine.

Perhaps a class action suit can be filed on the behalf of those loved ones who were told they could eat white bread, rice, macaroni, and cookies. If anyone has a friend that's being told these things, I would like to have their names and copy of the diet that they were given in order to see if such a suit can be filed.

I believe that this is directed specifically at the Black race. Why? Because I have talked with many white people and most of them know to avoid these foods if they are diabetic.

This disease doesn't skip white people altogether, but it's not near epidemic status as it is with the Black race. Why doesn't the Black community know to avoid such foods? Sounds like a conspiracy to me.

If you are not yet diabetic, the time to start is now taking steps to avoid the disease. Most of all of Hollywood isavoiding bread, flour and sugar. This is not a movie star thing. This is a healthy people thing. It's for all those who want to live a long and healthy life.

Do you sometimes feel tingling in your feet? Break out in a sweat for no apparent reason. Do you sweat even while walking or maybe just sitting around? Do you often get so tired during the day that you want to lay down? Are you steadily packing on the pounds eventhough you eat less? Then you are in a pre-diabetic state.

That is, the disease is at your door, or even worse, you may already have the disease. But just haven't been diagnosed as such because your doctor is still using the old way of testing people for diabetes.

Why would your doctor do such a thing? The answer, is to keep the drug companies and himself and other doctors in business. The sicker you get, the more patients he has, the sicker you get the more kidney dialysis technicians will be needed and so on and so on.

Once you are diagnosed with and have diabetes, the sugar, glucose has begun sticking to your cells. Already causing destruction of your organs by that time.

Your rings become too tight. This is a sign that you are retaining fluid, which means your kidneys aren't working as
well as they used to work. You ignore it, because your doctor has assured you that all your test are fine. Old age spread is nothing but a lie. For if you exercise 3 days a weeks and eat whole grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables, old age spread becomes a myth.

This includes you men too. You're getting old and you can't hold your water as long is a lie. The chances are that what you have is a urinary tract infection, and men may have prostatitis.

So if your glucose test is 99, and the range is 100, which indicates that you are a diabetic, but the doctor only waits until you get to a 100 before he does the correct test for diabetes and then tell you to change your diet, it's too late to help yourself to avoid getting the disease. But you can get rid of it, hopefully before it destroys your heart, kidneys, or cause you to have your leg removed.

My advice to everyone is to pay attention to and listen to your body. Ask your doctor for a copy of your blood work each time you go to the doctor's office. And become responsible for your own health and not just let the doctors tell you what's best for you.


Report #7283; I 1/21/97, updated 3/22/00

A report in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that most doctors do not know how to treat late-onset diabetes. After two years of therapy with insulin, more than 60% of patients still have hemoglobin AlC levels about 8 which means that doctors are not preventing the complications of diabetes such as blindness, loss of hearing, nerve damage, strokes, heart attacks and kidney damage. Hemoglobin AlC measures how much sugar is stuck on cell membranes and is converted to a poison called sorbitol that causes cell damage. Cell damage in diabetes is caused by high hemoglobin A 1 C levels that are caused by high blood sugar levels after eating. The higher blood sugar levels rise after eating, the more sugar is attached to cells and the more Iikely cells are damaged.

Doctors usually prescribe insulin and drugs that raise insulin make diabetics hungry all the time. Then they prescribe a calorie-exchange diet that prevents their patients from eating when they are hungry. Instead doctors should prescribe Glucophage and Avandia or Actos, the only available drugs that lower high blood sugar levels without causing hunger. Instead of prescribing a calorie-reducing exchange diet, they should prescribe a high fiber, low-fat diet based on substituting whole grains for flour.

Whole grains are like pellets that absorb up to five times their weight in water and expand while they are in your intestines to make you feel full. I try to work my patients up to taking 500 mg of glucophage and 4 mg of Avandia or 30 mg of Actos. I tell my patients to avoid exchange diets and send them to Diana's cooking school to learn how to add whole grains to every meal. I'm Dr. Gabe Mirkin on Fitness.

JAMA November 26, 1997

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