Well, well, well. Here we are. A little over 3 months in to the Obama presidency, and what am I seeing?? I am seeing an administration, that is making a change alright, but not the type of change most of the people that voted for it wanted.

Believe me, I take no pleasure in having to say, ‘I told you so!!’ but I did.

For over a year, I have been warning people that they were being, set up, for disappointment, the likes of which, they have never seen, when they looked to Barack Obama to lead them out of the valley of despair, to the promised land. What they are getting, is a well thought out and executed program, designed to put them totally under the foot of a party, that has no concern for the individuals, or their rights, but rather their own [the party's] total control of this nation.

Time and again, I have said, what the Democratic party believes, and what they want to do in order to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves. Yet, time and again, I have been, for all intents and purposes, looked at, as being ‘not all there.’ People thought I was being a little too deluded in my thinking.

Bloggers, and other people that I am in contact with, have called me an idiot

Many people, tend to think that as a minister, I shouldn't be mixing my views, that are rooted in the 'Word of God', with politics.

But, if we look at the evidence, it is keeping any influence of the 'Word of God', and government separate, that is at the root of all of our problems.

If any one thinks that God, doesn't have a hand in what is happening to this nation, especially if they happen to be Christians, then they have another think coming.

Actually, let me back up a bit.

God, is allowing us to see what it is like, when He lets us go on our own, Since most of this nation, wants a separation of God, and state, He is letting us bump our heads against a brick wall. And what is it giving us??? Massive unemployment, people losing their jobs, and their homes, rises in crime, and despair.

Politicians, Democrats, with their policies, to fix the problem, a problem, they are responsible for creating, are making matters worse. They are putting those that they are supposed to be helping, the workers, and the middle class, in the position of being sacrificial lambs, on the altar of environmentalism, animal rights, and socialism.

Let me give you a brief timeline of what they have done, to get us where we are today.

Prior to 1976, the economy was in pretty good shape. Jobs, good paying jobs, were plentiful, especially in the automobile industry. We had four major automobile manufacturers, GM, Ford, Chrysler, and American Motors Corp. [AMC]. These companies alone, employed over 150,000 UAW workers, plus other workers for suppliers, added about another 50 to 100 thousand workers. Jobs were plentiful in these factories, and the pay was great.

Cars were priced so that mostly anyone could afford them. Prices for new cars, usually rose about 10 to 15 percent over the previous years' prices. This kept people buying new cars just about every year or two. With the turn around being like that, the future of this staple of the American manufacturing base, looked rosy, indeed.

But, in 1976, Jimmy Carter, won the presidency, and the Congress, and Senate, had a filibuster proof majority in Washington. This meant, any legislation they wanted to pass, they could pass, and the opposition, couldn't stop them. And Jimmy Carter could sign it in to law.

So, what happened next, was, within 2 years of his presidency, Carter signed legislation, authored by the Democrats, that, was designed to clean up the 'air', because there was too much pollution. They determined that most of this pollution was coming from the automobile, and the factories that produced them. The reason they did it, was environmentalist groups, which threw all of their support behind them, to get them elected, wanted a 'place at the table.'

Their money, earned them that place.

The solution they came up with was, make the auto manufacturers, install devices on the cars to meet specific emissions standards, or get fined for every car that they produced, that didn't meet that standard. The companies that produced these vehicles, had to start installing pollution control equipment in their plants, to clean up the emissions from the plant.

Needless to say, all of this, cost these companies tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars, to develop the equipment to install on the vehicles, as well as in the plants.

Unfortunately, AMC, the smaller of the 4 companies, couldn't afford the costs that it was facing, and had to be liquidated. That cost about 10,000 + jobs, most of which were UAW jobs.

The other down side was the fact that since the cost of these devices, both on the vehicles, and in the plant, cost so much, the price was passed on to the customers, forcing the price of a new vehicle, up, approximately 5 times the normal increase in prices, over previous years.

Lee Iacocca, then chairman of Chrysler, coined the phrase ‘sticker Shock’, to identify what would happen when new car buyers walked in to dealer showrooms, and saw the prices of these new vehicles. He warned of dire consequences to the auto industry. Within one year, Chrysler nearly went bankrupt, and the other auto companies, their workers and suppliers, went in to a nearly 3 year period of massive layoffs, plant closings, and such, hadn't been seen since the great depression.

In order to keep Chrysler from going out of business, Iacocca, went to Washington, and asked for a loan, to help Chrysler through the hard times, until they could turn things around, which they did. However the jobs that were lost, were gone for good.

Gas prices jumped about 150 percent, from about 40 cents a gallon, to $1.00, as environmental legislation, forced the petroleum industry, to start making unleaded gas, and to put emission controls on all of their refineries, which, like with the auto industry, the customers had to take up the tab for that as well. They then put a moratorium on the building of new refineries, meaning that the old ones once outdated, had to be upgraded at a cost that was totally out of the question, so they closed down.

Drilling for oil, was also curtailed, under Carter, thus increasing the need for us to depend on the middle east for oil. All of this, thanks to the Democrats and their loyalty to the environmentalists.

But, it didn't stop there.

In order to save the auto industry, because no one was buying the new cars, because they were so expensive, the Democratically controlled congress, with Ronald Reagan, as president, decided to push the strict standards that they were forcing the automakers to adhere to, back about 20 years.

But, by that time, the damage had already been done.

In a span of about 5 years, over 1 million [1,000,000] union, and non union jobs were lost in the auto industry, and their suppliers.

Couple that, with what they did to the logging industry, when animal rights groups got Democrats to pass legislation, limiting the types of trees that logging companies could cut down, on their own land, to protect birds, insects, and just about any little thing, that they designated as being in danger of extinction.

As you can tell, what is happening today, is nothing new. Everything that is wrong today, can be traced back to the Carter administration, the Democratic party, and the legislation they passed back then, that is still in force today.

All of this so-called, ‘Global warming’ foolishness, is nothing more than a means to get people to accept the lie that the earth is warming up, because of cars, trucks, factories, and whatever else they can think of, to destroy any and everything that they [Democrats]see as an obstacle to their turning this nation in to another socialist mecca.

President Obama, may be a good person, but, it is not him that makes the laws, but the Democrats, and all he does, is sign it.

The Democrats, want to control every aspect of our lives, from what kind of cars they think we should drive, to what we can do in our own homes.

That is ‘Big brother.’That is ‘Socialism.

If you think I have lost my mind, the only thing I have to say to that is, just wait and see what else is coming down the pike.

One thing about these Democrats, is that they never will admit they are wrong. They always find a way to saddle blame for what goes wrong, on the Republicans. They talk about how the Republicans are obstructionists, because they, well, most of them, don’t go along with what the Democrats want to do. As well they shouldn't’. If the Republicans have any sense of the truth, they need to stand up for what they believe. In spite of the overwhelming evidence that the Democrats are wrong on every major issue that they are promoting, they are blaming the failure of their policies on the Republicans, and most of you, believe it.

If you may have noticed, I have deliberately not even begun to mention, just exactly what God has to say about where this nation is headed, because many of you would stop reading, because you don't believe in God, evidently.

But, since God is in control, and since He is allowing this nation to be in the position it is in, any smart Christian, would do well to ask, 'Why is He allowing this to happen??'

The answer is really quite simple. If you want no parts of Him in government, then you are getting what you asked for!!!


Has anyone noticed, the further we get away from the values that God says we need to lay hold to, the worse things get in this nation????

Everything that man comes up with, as a solution to our problems, usually backfires in the face of those that support it!!!

Man is being blamed for global warming. But, factories, cars, trucks, planes, oil wells, and man himself, weren't here to cause the earth to warm up, from the 'ice age.' Maybe the earth is warming up on its own.

Scientific wisdom from God.

Think about this.

Depending on who you talk to, the earth is 3/5's water. When the earth gets warmer, the more water evaporates in to the atmosphere.

When it gets there, it forms clouds.

The more clouds there are, the less sunlight can get through to warm up the earth. That means the earth, cools down.

That means the earth, can self regulate itself, thanks to how God set it up.

Has anyone caught on to the change in terms to describe our condition from 'Global warming' to 'Climate change'??

There is a difference.

Certain areas that used to have colder regular temperatures, are getting warmer. But, other areas that used to have warmer regular temps, are now getting colder.