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Poetry by Octavia


Sorrow is in her eyes when she sees couples in the street,
Knowing she left her glory in somebody's sheets,
'What was I thinking' ; she says
as she looked in the mirror,
Hoping there was someone to make her life a little clearer,

He told me he
loved me,
He told me he would always he there,
He touched me every night saying he would always care.
Where is he now that my stomach is plump and my feet swole,
"You are my queen"; That's what I was always told
Huh! How could this be when I got played by a brother,
Who left me alone to be a single mother.

Now just when she thought all hope was gone,
there stood behind her a man she had not known,
She thought she was crazy, she said "How could this be?"
"The only face in this mirror should be me "
He said, "Fear not my sister, I've been here for a while.
I've come to take care of you and your child
Don't hate that man- you must forgive,
so that into your heart I may come and live "
At that moment, her tears began to splatter, She said, "What about my pain? Doesn't that matter?"
He said "No, it never does. "
And she fell into His arms, for she knew who He was,
He said, "Hello my sister. I am .Jesus, your new Big Brother,
I died for you and every Single Mother. "

1998 Octavia Lawrence


I am not free because black people were beat and left in the mud
I am free because Jesus was beat and shed His blood

I am not free because Lincoln declared a law and freed the slaves,
I am. free because Jesus defeated death and arose" from the grave

I am not. free because of marches or movements, what people
gained or what people lost,
I am free because the King of all kings gave up His life while
nailed to the cross.

I am not. free because people cry unity- let's make amends,
I am free because .Jesus blood atoned for my sins.

I am not free because of million man marches or shouts of black power,
I am free because the Name of my Lord is a Mighty ,Strong tower.

Now the readers of 'this poem may think I'm insane,
To make the struggles of the black man sound so in vain,

But, you see, I can not confess their struggles are the source of my freedom,
Being that I was born into sin,
And set free by GOD).

1998 (Octavia Lawrence

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